SIM’s Study Groups offer members an opportunity to deepen their level of familiarity with various aspects of the dharma. Each Study Group has a specific topic of focus and limited duration of study.

The Brahma Viharas

An eight month study focus. The Brahma Viharas are utilized in meditation as well as serving as an everyday mindfulness practice.  Their development ultimately causes ease and a balanced concern for all sentient beings, including ourselves. This study group examines these sublime states of mind, learning how to integrate these practices into our busy lives. See The Brahma Viharas for details.

How Can I Help?

A year-long focus on the direct application of Buddhist practices and psychology to real life situations. The course is designed to bridge the artificial separation between meditation & dharma practice, on the one hand, from the activities and relationships of the rest of our lives, on the other. See How Can I Help? for details.