Sitting Groups

We offer a weekly sitting group that includes guided and silent meditation, a talk on selected topics, and group discussion on meditation practice and its practical use in daily life. See Sitting Group for details.

12 Step Sangha

Our Buddhist 12 Step recovery group explores the solution to craving and addictive behaviors using the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. See 12 Step Sangha for details.

Mentoring Sessions

See Mentoring Sessions for details.

Meditation Courses

SIM offers two types of meditation courses. See Meditation Courses for details.

Practice Buddy

SIM’s Buddy Program randomly pair people with another person for a three-month period to share and discuss their experiences in meditation and with the dharma. See Practice Buddy for details.

Chaplaincy Council

SIM’s chaplains provide a compassionate presence for those in need. See Chaplaincy Council for details.


See SIM Greeter for details.