Sacramento Insight Meditation (SIM) offers two basic courses:

  • A 45-minute introductory or refresher course offered the fourth Thursday of every month. This course is free and no registration is necessary.
  • A 6-week beginning course offered twice a year.  Here is the Course Flyer in PDF format. This course requires pre-registration and is fee based. Details follow:

Beginning Meditation Course Overview

The Beginning Meditation is a 6-week course that provides the basic techniques for learning Insight Meditation (vipassana), both during sitting meditation and in daily life. This is insight meditation that has been handed down from the time of the Buddha. This course is intended as an introduction to the practice of meditation as it is taught at the Sacramento Insight Meditation group. As an introduction to meditation it is meant to support and encourage you to take up the practice of meditation and to see if meditation is a worthwhile activity in your life. The course is a hands-on, experiential program for beginners as well as those more experienced meditators who are interested in revisiting and working with their meditation skills. It is not meant as an exploration of comparative meditation techniques or a scholastic treatment of meditation theory. In the course of our work we discuss the theory of meditation but put these concepts aside to investigate our direct experience of what is happening. This is also not a course in Buddhism. We discuss Buddhist terms and concepts only to the degree that they are helpful in learning the process of meditation. Insight meditation does not require any belief system or adherence to any philosophy or religion.

Participation in the course will require approximately 1 hour of practice daily. This includes a 15-20 minute daily sitting meditation period, reviewing written and audio materials, practicing exercises throughout the day to develop meditative awareness, and recording your impressions. This is in addition to the 2 hours we meet for six consecutive weeks in the evening and an all-day Saturday retreat. We have found over the years that people who don’t fully commit to doing the course work have a significantly less meaningful experience. This is not a course that can be audited or observed from the sidelines. Developing the skill of meditation requires direct participation. It requires effort and commitment.

At the daylong retreat, we practice more in depth meditation practices which will include longer sitting sessions, walking meditation, movement meditation and eating meditation. If you have any questions about the course content, please feel free to contact the teachers at:


  • 2018 Spring: Tuesdays, April 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, with a daylong retreat Saturday May 19, 2018
  • 2017 Fall: (Oct & Nov)
  • 2017 Winter (Feb & Mar )
  • 2016 Fall (Oct & Nov) * class cancelled

Registration for Beginning Meditation Course

Advanced registration and payment is strongly encouraged as this popular course fills quickly and on-site registration will be limited. The registration fee is $35 per person due before the start of the first class. The registration fee will be waived for qualifying volunteers; for details, scroll down to the section “Volunteer Opportunity“.
In addition to the registration fee, at the class meetings there will be an opportunity to offer dana (in the form of a financial donation) to support Sacramento Insight Meditation and the meditation instructors.
For the thirty-five dollar ($35) registration fee, we accept credit cards, checks and cash.  Start the registration process using the “Register” button below. Specify “Offline Payment” for payments by cash or check.

Summary of Important Dates

    • 11/15/2017 – Registration opens.
    • 30 days – Registration fee due within 30 days of your registration sign-up.
    • 03/16/2018 – All registrants receive a communication from the course registrar.
    • 04/17/2018 – Begin your wonderful six week meditation adventure.

Use the form below if you need to contact the course registrar with any questions. Expect a reply within 48 hours. If you are ready to register for the course, click here.

Volunteer Opportunity

      • manage event set up, as well as name badges, flowers, tea, recording and hearing systems, and housekeeping. Estimated Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per session.
      • maintain a course webpage, post pertinent recordings and information to the webpage after each class. Estimated Time Commitment: 30 minutes weekly for the course duration.

If you are willing and able to commit to helping with set-up and closing for all six Tuesdays plus the daylong, the registration fee will be waived and training in the procedures will be provided. If you are interested or would like further details, use the form above to contact the course registrar or phone  Margaret Buss at (916) 448-6246.

Meditation Course Dana

“Generosity is the virtue that leads to peace.” – The Historical Buddha

Use the form below to donate by credit card or your PayPal account. Enter the amount you’d like to give and your donation will be shared with SIM and the course instructor(s).

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