Sacramento Insight Meditation Mission Vision and Means


Our mission is to serve as a learning, training, and community center for the development, integration, and skillful use of meditation practices and awareness in all aspects of individual, family, educational, institutional, work, and community life.


Our Mission is based on this Vision: Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and meditative awareness are powerful resources for living, problem-solving, and transformation. The continued individual and community exploration and development of these resources leads to a life of clarity, balance, and peace expressed in the forms of generosity, wisdom, compassion, and ethical conduct. These experiential results provide a basis for enormous hope for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of each of us, our families, our institutions, and our communities.


Our Mission and Vision are continuously being fulfilled and informed through Sacramento Insight Meditation providing:

  1. a welcoming, safe, and diverse environment for the exploration and cultivation of meditative skills and awareness, and spiritual friendship and community;
  2. clear, reliable, and accessible meditation instruction, guidance, and support based on the principles and psychology of Theravadan Buddhism, and congruent teachings and practices from other Buddhist traditions;
  3. trainings, workshops, and retreat opportunities to systematically stabilize, refine, and deepen meditation skills and awareness;
  4. wise and compassionate support and service, including special programs and events, for members of our community, their families, and the community at large;
  5. a vehicle for the expression of community support, values, and ritual during periods of significant life transitions, such as births, marriages, major medical situations, lifethreatening illnesses and death; and
  6. sound and responsible development and management of fiscal resources in the service of SIM’s Mission and Vision.