one-day-retreatRegular periods of sustained meditation practice are an important element in cultivating and deepening meditative skill and maturity. SIM’s monthly one-day retreats are an opportunity to step out of the stress and demands of our daily life, restore the body and the mind, and develop our meditation practice. Each Saturday retreat begins with a period of mindful movement that can be done by anyone, regardless of their current physical condition. This is followed by periods of sitting and walking meditation, questions and answers on meditation practice, lunch and a rest period, a talk on a selected topic, and a discussion. We encourage participation for the full day of practice on these Saturdays.   Bring your lunch and plan to stay on-site. If circumstances only allow for your attendance for a half day—either the morning or afternoon—please come. Let the instructor leading the day know that you will be leaving early.

Location, Registration, and Schedule

Retreats are typically held on the last Saturday of each month at the Sacramento Dharma Center at 3111 Wissemann Dr, Sacramento, CA 95826. Typically everyone is welcome, on a drop-in basis, regardless of your particular meditation practice experience or tradition. One-day retreats require pre-registration. To register for a particular retreat or to check our calendar for a list of upcoming retreats, click here.

Volunteer Opportunity

For regular retreats, volunteers are needed for set up, and as greeters, flower yogis, tea yogis, to manage recording and hearing systems, and for housekeeping.

For the annual retreat lead by a visiting senior teacher, additional volunteers are needed:

  • Coordinator: This person works for six months in advance for an hour or two a week. Cooperating with a Board liaison, he or she will develop a theme, prepare flyers and post information on the website, determine costs, recruit volunteers and assign duties for the day. Estimated Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours a week for a few months.
  • Registrar: This person will prepare a registration spreadsheet, keep track of registrants and respond to confirm registration. Estimated Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours a week for a few months.
  • Set Up: Volunteers will work under the supervision of the coordinator to prepare the room and teacher’s area, provide flowers, snacks and tea. Estimated Time Commitment: One hour before the event and 60-90 minutes afterward.