This Brahma Viharas course is facilitated by SIM Community Mentor Diane Wilde  (click here for her biography)


Developing wisdom and compassion are the two wings of the Dharma.  Studying the Noble Eightfold Path through daily life practice and meditation is the wisdom aspect of the Buddha’s teachings.  Boundless friendliness, compassion, joy and equanimity make up the “compassion” wing of the Dharma and are the antidotes for hatred, cruelty, jealousy and indifference.

The Brahma Viharas are utilized in meditation as well as serving as an everyday mindfulness practice.  Their development ultimately causes ease and a balanced concern for all sentient beings, including ourselves.

This course studies these sublime states of mind over an eight month period, learning how to integrate these practices into our busy lives.  Sutta study, psychological studies, inspiring stories, and films will all be utilized during the course. In addition to the monthly course meetings participants are asked to meet with members of the study group at least one time between each meeting and the time and place for these “interim” meetings will be determined by the participants.

Course enrollments are limited so as to create a sangha where friendship, confidentiality, concern and care can naturally evolve.

Registration, Location, and Schedule

Since the class and the waitlist are full, SIM is no longer accepting registrations.
The Brahma Viharas Study Group meets at the Sacramento Dharma Center the first Tuesday of each month (7 PM to 9 PM) from February through September 2017.  As July 4th falls on a Tuesday, the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 5th.

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