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About the Climate Sangha

  The Climate Sangha meets the fourth Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9 PM. It’s a supportive community using Buddhist practice to face the future with on-going climate change. It provides a place to discuss hopes and fears openly and address ways to take skillful action.

To join the Climate Sangha mailing list, contact Margaret Buss at Here’s a sample of information you might receive when you sign-up for the mailing list.

Upcoming Events:

Keeping up with things:

Provide rides to former prisoners…

Provide rides to former prisoners who had been studying Buddhism while incarcerated.

Volunteers are needed to provide rides to formerly incarcerated men and women who have been practicing Buddhism while in prison and wish to continue their practice in a supportive sangha. Most do not have access to cars and light rail is a problem later in the evening.

If you wish to help with rides as well as provide spiritual friendship, please email Diane at

SIM Cancels Residential Retreat

SIM has offered a residential retreat for twelve consecutive years. One of the unique features of this retreat has been that it is attended almost exclusively by SIM members and is designed to foster community.

The SIM Board of Directors is saddened to announce that our 13th annual residential retreat, scheduled for this September, is being cancelled due to a lack of registration and community support.

We look forward to next year’s residential retreat that will be led by Senior Teacher Steven Armstrong.

Building Sangha: Service with SIM

One of the most fundamental practices in building sangha/community is through service, both within/for the sangha and for the larger communities. Below are three opportunities that will not only provide service, but will also build sangha for those who participate.

Supporting Sangha

Have you arrived “early” for a Thursday sitting and/or a Saturday one day retreat? Have you seen the dharma hall empty, or is it fully set up, ready for the activities of the day? Do you know how it transforms from a generic space to SIM? (hint–not through devas or magic) To “become SIM,” volunteers are needed.

Set-Up Volunteers

John and Carol Meininger have retired from set-up crew after 10 years.  We are very grateful for all that they did — and we also now need to fill the gap.
Many thanks to Ian McLeod and Alan Gottlieb for volunteering for events in May and early June.  It was very much appreciated!

Now: Regular or Occasional Set-up

If you are able to  become a “regular ” set-up volunteer, that would be great. We need “regular” volunteers for the first Thursdays and fourth Thursdays of the month. If you aren’t able to commit to a “regular” schedule, but are able and willing to help on a one-time basis, on one (or more) of the dates below, that help will  be gratefully accepted. No experience necessary; training will be provided.  Note that set-up starts an hour before a meeting or daylong, and that the set-up crew also handles closing up at the end.  Please contact Margaret Buss at if you are interested in helping.

Below are dates and times in June and July when volunteers are needed:

  • Thursday June 22 at 5 pm (before the monthly meditation instruction) — need one
  • Saturday  June 24 at 9 am — Daylong Retreat with Heather Sundberg  —  need two or three (note retreat ends at 5pm)
  • Thursday July 6 at 6 pm — need two
  • Thursday July 27 at 5 pm — need one

Click here if you’re interested in volunteering in any way.

Diane’s Invitation June 27th

SIM Community Mentor Diane Wilde and Woody Garcia are giving a talk at Insight Central Valley in Modesto, CA on June 27th and Diane would love to have SIM sangha members attend.

Talk topic – Freedom: Inside and Out

Diane Wilde and recently released former inmate “Woody” Garcia, will talk about Buddhist practice in California prisons and the impact it is making on inmates and volunteers alike. Diane will read a few stories from her book, “Unlikely Lessons; Practicing Virtuous Conduct in California Prisons”. Woody will speak of his own Buddhist practice and what his life was like “inside”and his new life as a free man on the “outside.”

Residential Retreat Registration Opens

Registration is now open and a deposit by June 15th will secure your space at this retreat. This is for SIM’s 13th Annual 10 Day Residential Retreat, with SIM Founding Teacher Dennis Warren and Mentors Diane Wilde and Rich Howard. The retreat theme is “A Life of Deep Satisfaction Born of Peace“.  For details, click here.

Family Sangha cancelled for Mother’s Day

Family Sangha this Sunday, May 14 has been canceled due to Mother’s Day. Enjoy the day!

Are you missing something?

The Dharma Center’s Lost and Found is growing rapidly.  If you are missing water bottles, cups, caps, scarves, gloves, etc., please check the Lost and Found cabinets, located in the office in the front hall immediately to your right as you walk out of the kitchen.

New Tai Chi Class

SIM is sponsoring a six week class, instructed by Sabitre Rodriguez. This Tai Chi class is for beginning and experienced students covering the Yang Foundation 8 form. It meets at the Sacramento Dharma Center Tuesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM starting May 9th. For details and to register to the class, visit SIM’s calendar page.

SIM Accepts Direct Deposits for Dana

SIM recognizes that financial dana via credit card or PayPal does not suit everyone and the option to donate to SIM via direct deposit may be of interest to some people. If this describes you, please submit your contact information below and we’ll follow-up with details on how to set up your donation using direct deposit.

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